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6 Ways to Naturally Alleviate Your Joint Pain Without Therapy

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While joint pain is often associated with the elderly or arthritic, it can affect the young, as well. Whether you’re old or young, joint pain can range from mild to debilitating. It can take over your life.
If you’re struggling with joint pain, we’ve rounded up six ways to help take the edge off – naturally, without medication.

 6. Exercise Regularly

When your joints are hurting, the very idea of exercising might seem out of the question, but the truth is that it can help you. Before we continue, it’s important to stress the need to talk to your doctor about which exercises will be best for you and won’t worsen your condition.
Exercise will keep your joints moving, but more importantly, it’ll strengthen the muscles surrounding those joints. This will help give your joints stability and alleviate some of the tension they bear alone when your muscles aren’t at their best.

5. Stretch, Especially Target Areas

When most of us think of stretching, we think of static stretching – reaching for your toes and holding it for half a minute or more. This is good in some cases, but can actually make you more prone to injury in other cases. Another type of stretching is known as dynamic stretching. These stretches are not only often easier on your joints, but:
– Help warm up your muscles
– Increase blood flow
– Lubricate your joints
For these stretches, you’ll want to use shallow motions (rather than the deeply elongated reaches of static stretching) and gently move back and forth in an easy, rhythmic motion.

4. Double Your Warm Up

If your joints are acting up, try increasing your warm up. On bad days, you may find you want to focus on warm up entirely. Practice your dynamic stretches and don’t push yourself too far too quickly if your joints are trying to tell you to slow down. Make sure your muscles are sufficiently warmed up and ready to go before doing any heavy lifting. Keep those joints lubricated and well cared for.

3. Practice Good Posture 

Most of us struggle with our posture. Even the best among us have to remind ourselves to sit up straight – but good posture is more than about looking confident and making your teachers happy.
Whether you’re “heavy” or “thin,” your body weighs a lot. The scrawniest among us generally weigh at least 100 plus pounds. Your head, alone, weighs 8-10 pounds. All that weight is bearing down on your joints all day long. When you have poor posture, your weight is pulling your joints into over-extended positions, stressing them out.

2. Use Heat and Cold Treatments

Joint pain heat cold pack therapy

The old go-to. Alternating heat and cold treatment has been a favorite of athletes everywhere for ages. It’s inexpensive, it’s easy, and it very often works.
There are two parts to this treatment. The first part is heat. The warmth from heat patches and other applications helps relax your muscles, easing the tension placed on your body – from ligaments, to tendons, to your joints. All work as part of the same system. At the same time, it can also lubricate your joints.
Cold treatments can reduce inflammation and swelling, which is a good thing for your joints.

1. Quit Smoking

Smoking makes everything worse and joints are no exception.
Smoking can increase the incidence or severity of osteoporosis as well as accelerate the deterioration of the discs in your spine – both bad news for your joint pain. As a double whammy, smoking also increases your sensitivity to pain as it acts on your nervous system, amplifying your perception of pain indicators.
Just one more reason to put out that cigarette.

Bonus – CBD Oil and Joint Pain

There have been several studies conducted on the effects of CBD on joint pain.
What were the results?
CBD not only reduces pain (an effect well known of the compound), but studies have shown that it can also reduce the inflammation within your joints that causes the pain in the first place. These results are particularly promising for those experiencing joint pain due to an autoimmune disorder where joint pain is caused by the body’s own immune system attacking itself.
CBD is a gentle remedy derived from natural plant materials with little to no known side effects. Unlike THC – the compound found in marijuana plants, CBD oil does not cause any hallucinogenic effects.
You'll find a plethora of CBD products right here at AceApe, from restorative creams and salves to capsules, tinctures, and tasty vape juices. Go on and use a CBD-infused muscle rub directly on targeted areas of pain as you go about your routine, or soak in a relaxing bath with CBD salts at the end of the day – your joints will thank you.

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