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Using CBD for Intimacy

Cannabidiol and Sex

We recently discussed the differences between CBD and THC for sex. Now it’s time to spotlight CBD and explore the myriad of reasons folks might choose to integrate it into their sex lives (solo or partnered).


How CBD Can Help With Intimacy

There are loads of ways CBD can help you in your everyday life. From personal to professional contexts, CBD can help with sleep, with exercise, with mental and emotional health, with skin care, and with virtually any other aspect of your life—sex included.

The next question that always follows “What can’t CBD do?” is, “How is CBD different from THC?” And, especially given that the effects of consuming substances to alter intercourse aren’t exactly common ground for everyone, this is a perfectly valid question.

Let’s take a look!



Most people have at least heard of coupling THC with sex, and for good reason. Combining a mind-altering, psychoactive substance that promotes heightened senses with the dopamine-heavy euphoria of sex can sound like paradise. Naturally, you might wonder: Is CBD the same way?

In short, no. Although both CBD and THC are often used with the same goals in mind (stress management, anxiety and pain relief, etc.), the manner in which they accomplish these goals are completely different.

First, THC is a psychoactive substance, meaning it will alter your mental state substantially—in other words, it’ll get you high. CBD, on the other hand, won’t get you high. This means that, if you’re looking to experience intercourse under the influence, CBD might not be what you’re looking for. But CBD will enhance your experience in other ways.


CBD and Sex

We’ve mentioned before that CBD doesn’t really make you feel anything; what it does is help you not feel certain unpleasant things, like anxiety and muscle pain. CBD won’t put you in a state where you simply forget about what you’re feeling (as with a THC high), but instead it actually resolves issues in your neural synapses and eliminates problems. This is true for fatigue, skin care, and other problems that can be solved with CBD: it isn’t about what you feel, it’s about what you don’t feel.

These effects translate directly to sex in many different ways. Here are just a few:


Sex is a very intimate thing and, not surprisingly, intimacy doesn’t mix too well with anxiety. There are lots of reasons to be anxious about a sexual experience, and this anxiety can have all sorts of unwanted effects on your sex life.

First, nobody wants to feel nervous or uncomfortable in bed. Sex should be a confident and comfortable experience between consenting individuals, and anxiety has no place in that arrangement. CBD actually rewires the traffic in your brain to make it run more smoothly, effectively reducing the amount of anxiety you experience. If what you need before the bedroom is a stress-reliever that doesn’t sacrifice your sobriety, CBD is your solution.  

Second, there are plenty of physical problems that are a direct result of anxiety. Anxiety has been shown to be a cause of erectile dysfunction in some men, as well as the cause of some women’s inability to orgasm. In this sense, CBD can act as a sort of Viagra without the unpleasant potential side effects.

Additionally, CBD can be used to help you “get out of your head and into your body.” If you suffer from insecurity of any type, be it body image, performance, or any other issue, CBD can help you relieve some of that stress and tension and get you focused on the task at hand. Basically, CBD will help you get in the mood by helping you avoid your own personal mood killers.

Pain relief

Pain can cause issues during sex for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the most obvious is pain due to the sex itself. Many women experience completely natural pain during intercourse at some point in their lives, and some men will as well. There are many reasons why pain could pop up as a turnoff through an injury, infection, or any sort of physical action or trauma on your body. Pain can also come, of course, from other health conditions. In any case, pain isn’t something we want to follow us into the bedroom.

Fortunately, pain is something that can be managed and dealt with, and CBD is a great way to do it. CBD’s anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties work wonders for pain management in general, treating anything from headaches to sore muscles. Applied to sex, CBD can be a solution to chase away painful turnoffs. If you experience pain directly from intercourse (i.e., due to penetration), CBD can help manage this pain and make sure it won’t be a problem. In fact, the majority of people who have used CBD for sex report that their sex improved when they had taken CBD, and a good deal of those people are women.

Another kind of pain that often needs to be managed is chronic pain and pain from injuries in general. Of course, feeling pain is a huge turnoff for most, and feeling it constantly can seriously damage your sex life. CBD has been shown to relieve chronic pain, even if only momentarily. And many of those same people that reported having better sex after taking CBD mention that CBD offered a way around their chronic pain and back into the moment.


Between getting better sleep, allocating energy more efficiently, and clearing your mind of unnecessary neural traffic, CBD helps you be more energized and, in turn, be more focused. In an intimate setting, this translates to better sexual and romantic communication—you’re better at expressing your feelings when you’re more aware of what it is that you are feeling. Whether you’re looking to be more expressive, more intense, or even more in-tune with your partner, CBD can help you get into the proper headspace to achieve it.

In general, while there have been reports from many people that taking CBD helped them achieve better orgasms and more heightened senses and pleasure, taking CBD for sex isn’t about having intercourse under any sort of influence. Instead, taking CBD helps you have more sincere, less interrupted, and more intimate sexual relations.  

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