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Using CBD to Treat Acne

CBD vs. Acne

Most of us are either struggling or have struggled at some with our fair (or unfair) share of whiteheads and blackheads.

We know how stressful it can be to simply be the victim of a breakout, and much more so when it comes right before an important interview, a school dance, or some other important social or professional event.

If you’ve had a particularly bad experience with acne, chances are you know that, while there are countless products that claim to be efficient treatments, there are very few that offer a complete solution with little or no adverse side effects—which can be even more frustrating in the end!

Fortunately, there might be a treatment that offers exactly that: a cure without side effects. And it’s thanks to CBD.

To understand how this is possible, first we have to really understand the problem we’re trying to solve.

What is acne, exactly?

Acne Vulgaris, commonly referred to as Acne, is a skin disease that affects just about everyone around the globe. Since it reaches so many people in so many places, it makes sense that acne would be the focus of tons of investigation and study. However, despite acne being so extensively studied, treatments that effectively tackle all of the complex pathogenetic steps that acne takes are few, and less that can legitimately do so without adverse side effects.

The detailed process that your body goes through when you have a breakout is pretty complicated and hard to follow without some knowledge of chemistry and biology. So, to simplify things, let’s focus on the very basics.

The first thing we need to know is that the Endocannabinoid System, a biological system in our bodies, regulates tons of processes—including the ones that regulate acne. If not regulated properly, this system can allow greasy oils to plug up pores in the skin. When these pores are larger, blackheads are formed. When they’re smaller, whiteheads are formed.

Bet you didn’t know that.

So, to prevent or treat acne, we have to make sure our Endocannabinoid System is properly regulating and fighting infection. And how do we do this? Well, in other blogs we’ve mentioned that the Endocannabinoid System is a set of neurotransmissions that bind with cannabinoid receptors to carry out all sorts of processes in the nervous system. One effective way of regulating these receptors is by taking CBD, which directly affects this system by regulating just how much the receptors and the transmitters bind.

An academic paper published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation in 2014 found exactly what we’re interested in in this blog: CBD effectively tackles the pathogenetic steps that acne takes, and can very well prevent and treat acne without any adverse side effects. This is thanks to CBD’s universal anti-inflammatory properties that help deal with not only acne but with pain and many other problems. The only thing missing from this study, for us, was human trials.

So what can I take?

There are plenty of CBD ointments, lotions, and other products that can absolutely help fight acne; the only problem with these is that they’re general products—they aren’t geared specifically towards this purpose. Luckily, a dermatological company named Botanix Pharmaceuticals Ltd. have developed a synthetic CBD product specifically to deal with acne. They call it “BTX 1503.” 

BTX 1503 has already completed its Phase 1 Clinical Trial with flying colors. A Phase 1 Clinical Trial is a preliminary set of tests that determine how safe a certain product is, independent of whether or not it works.

BTX 1503 was found to cause little to no skin irritation and no major side effects. This, coupled with the 2014 study that suggested CBD to be an effective combatant of acne, is extremely promising in the hunt for an effective, safe acne treatment. What’s more, it found that the majority of the product is absorbed by and remains in the skin, with only relatively small amounts actually reaching the bloodstream. This is another important detail to keep in mind when checking the safety of products.

Having passed the Phase 1 Clinical Trials swimmingly, BTX 1503 is now undergoing Phase 2 Trials, and will hopefully soon be available as an efficient and completely safe solution to the seemingly unsolvable problem of acne. Of course, this is great for both science and for our skin, but there is one pretty big issue still: we can’t use it until it’s done with all its trials!


So, what can we do to fight acne now?

As mentioned before, there is a plethora of helpful CBD products already on the market. While none are necessarily geared towards treating acne specifically, that doesn’t mean none of them can treat acne—in fact, there have been many cases of acne being successfully treated with CBD oils and other products.

In other blogs we mention how CBD is almost like a superpower in both medical and consumer fields, and that’s absolutely true. CBD ointments and oils aren’t made to treat your acne (yet), but they can absolutely help you with countless other things at once.

Ointments and oils have been shown to offer reduced levels of stress and give you better nights of sleep, higher levels of focus, higher levels of energy, better nutritional balance, and, of course, clearer skin! Beyond just getting your face in shape for a night out, a business meeting, or just daily life, these products can help you treat your acne, help you take care of the stress that the acne itself is likely to built up, and treat many residual problems you may be consciously or subconsciously carrying around.

While the CBD product that seems to be the solution to acne (that the world has been waiting for) isn’t quite ready for use yet, there are plenty of CBD products that are. General acne treatment and the upcoming treatment breakthrough that Botanix offers are just more examples of how versatile and universally efficient CBD is and can be in an immensely wide variety of applications.

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    Hello there All, I simply need to inquire as to whether anybody at any point took a stab at utilizing medicinal cannabis as an option meds? I have perused many articles about restorative weed and how it can enable you regarding interminable to torment, bone wounds, dietary problem/anorexia, nervousness issue and fits of anxiety, irritation, considerably disease and significantly more. Like this article about a cannabis strain from Cbd and thc are additionally new to me and I don’t smoke. In the event that this is genuine I cannot locate any strong decisive confirmation that addresses its adequacy. Any individual experience or tribute would be very valued. Much appreciated

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