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Picking the Right CBD Vape Juice

You’ve researched all your options for taking CBD, and you’ve decided (or maybe you’re just considering) vaping—great! It’s a very effective way to get your CBD dosage on the go, and takes you even further into relaxation with deep breathing and many rich flavor options.

That said, there are a few things that you need to consider when choosing your Vape Liquid. Keep in mind that although CBD has a long and prominent history for its many benefits, it’s still pretty new in the modern industry. And vaping is even newer. This means that standard regulations aren’t yet in place on a national scale, so the quality of your product is ultimately up to the integrity of the manufacturer. Luckily, the CBD community has a generally positive and helpful vibe, so there isn’t a shortage of manufacturers that pay close attention to the quality of their products.

Here are a few specific things to look out for when choosing your CBD Vape Liquid!


Make Sure Your Vape Pen is Compatible

A fairly common problem with CBD Vape Liquids is that a lot of these are infused with vegetable glycerin. We’ll explain what a homogenous mixture is in a bit, but in mixtures without this classification, the infusion tends to be problematic. What happens is the mixture often separates into layers, and the vegetable glycerin can really mess up your vape. The oil itself tends to dry up, and this damages your vape pen in a big way, potentially rendering it unusable.

This problem can be avoided with two simple solutions. First, you can make sure your vape utilizes a ceramic heating element. The other solution is to make sure that your Vape Liquid is homogenous and proven to be compatible with your vape pen—or any vape pen, to be sure.

Another thing to keep in mind is that e-liquid bottles and disposable vape cartridges aren’t the same thing. Disposable cartridges, as with most disposable products, are more convenient, but in the long run present more problems. For one, these cartridges won’t always be compatible with every pen. For another, they’re not refillable, and in the long run can end up costing you more money. The other problem (and the one we were all thinking of) is that “disposable” is bad for the planet. Your disposable vape cartridges won’t just end up costing more in the long run, they end up costing us all space in landfills. All in all, it’s better to avoid these.


Research Your Product

As we’ve mentioned before, there aren’t standard regulations in place for CBD products in general, and much less for CBD vapes, so it’s important both for your health and for your wallet that you look into what goes into your vape liquid and how it gets there. The best method is to check for third-party evaluations. These impartial lab tests will be able to tell you exactly what the product is capable of delivering, and can also tell you if it lives up to what its label claims.

Another important step is to ask the manufacturer or distributor directly for the lab tests and their results. A good manufacturer will be happy to provide these, but if a company refuses to provide results, be skeptical and don’t buy. When a company doesn’t give you the information you want, there’s a risk that they’re hiding information. And since regulations in the industry aren’t standardized, this hidden information often means that you’re paying more than what the product is worth.


Homogenous Vape Liquids

Maybe you remember this word from high school biology, and if you do, the definition for CBD liquids is the same! A homogenous Vape Liquid means well mixed. A truly homogenous Vape Liquid shouldn’t separate into layers too easily—if you’ve ever done that with water and oil, that’s exactly what you’re trying to avoid here! Vape Liquids often struggle to be a truly homogenous mixture as oil and the CBD liquids tend to naturally separate. The problem with this separation manifests in a few ways. First, a separated mixture is going to provide dosages with very low precision—you won’t know how much or how little CBD you’re going to get in each puff. The other big problem, as mentioned before, is that this separation can seriously harm your vape pen.


How to Choose the Best E-Liquid for Vaping CBDCloudy vs. clear

When it comes to Vape Liquids, the clearer the better. A well-made liquid should be clear, but if the liquid is dirty, it should immediately set off red flags. For one, a cloudy liquid can be a sign that the mixture isn’t very homogenous, which, as we’ve seen, causes a whole bunch of problems. Another red flag is that clean mixtures of any type typically aren’t cloudy, and the same is true with CBD Vape Liquids. If the Vape Liquid you’re considering looks cloudy, there’s likely some stuff in there that you don’t want to put in your body, from dirty oil to metal pollution.


Best CBD E-Liquids for Vaping

Where does it come from?

There’s been a lot of focus recently on making sure companies are ethical both in their production and in distribution processes. Apart from the social implications of a company’s ethics, in the CBD industry it’s important to take ethics into account due to the lack of regulations. Besides, from the consumer’s perspective, you can never have too much information about what you’re putting into your body!

You can always make sure the manufacturer is willing to give you full transparency—a CBD product manufacturer shouldn’t have anything to hide, and if they are hiding something, there’s probably something off in the seed to shelf process. What’s usually being hidden is a difference in quality and price. But you’ll also want to make sure you aren’t risking consuming a contaminated product. With a good, transparent manufacturer who lays out the process from beginning to end, this won’t ever be an issue, but there will be companies that will try to cut corners and take advantage of the lack of regulations in the industry today. This is the most important reason to stay skeptical and to make sure you get as much information as possible.

The moral of the story is to always be informed. You can never have too much information… from how your Vape Liquid is produced to how much it’s worth, this is all stuff you want to know. Seeing as there aren’t regulations to explicitly give us the “best” and “worst” of these products, it’s ultimately up to you to decide which Vape Liquid is best for you. And once you’re past these quality considerations, the fun part will be trying new strengths and flavors until you find your favorites!

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