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Mooresville, NC Vape Shop Owner Sells Fake CBD, Student Overdoses

By now, you may have heard or read about the Mooresville, NC Vape Shop owner who was arrested for selling fake cbd oil. Rashad Naji Mohsen Al Hubaishi, 31, has been charged with selling illegal drugs, and set with a $75,000 bond. A high school student that had purchased some of the vape oil from Rashad overdosed on it in February.

Whether the shop owner was ignorant of the danger or totally aware of exactly what he was selling, he is now in jail for the sale of illegal drugs. Detectives found nine additional vials of the stuff hidden in various places at his shop, with over $6,000 in cash.

The oil he was selling was from a brand named Black Diamond, and also referred to in several places as RSO, or Rick Simpson Oil. The oil was a synthetic version of cannabinoids that are found in marijuana, called 5-Fluoro ADB and FUB-AMB, both of which are illegal Schedule I substances. 

Using this synthetic oil can have side effects including rapid loss of consciousness, coma, stroke, convulsions, and seizures. Sudden death has also been reported.


You can find coverage on this story from many news sources, two of which I've linked below:


This is not okay. This is bad.

The sales of unverified CBD products is not only damaging to the cannabis industry, it's extremely dangerous. Always, always know where the product you buy comes from. I'm sure there will always be imposters and copycats, but with our industry still in diapers currently, it's extra important to be vigilant about who you place your trust in as your CBD provider. This is so worrying in itself, but this recent news story makes it even more urgent that you learn about your product so that you, your family, and your pets are all safe from harm. Don't let yourself take the gamble by not being informed.

I did a bit of digging around on the Black Diamond brand and have included some pictures I found of their products below here. Please double check that you DON'T have this product if you've recently purchased CBD, and stop use of this product immediately if you do or have been using it. This product advertises itself as containing a minimum of 70% THC and CBD and is 3-in-1 (edible, vape, dab).

Black Diamond Oil THC CBD Front Packaging

Black Diamond Oil Packaging BackBlack Diamond CBD THC Oil vape edible dab


There isn't much information available online for this particular brand or product, aside from the same small info blurb included in the description of each product listing page that you find it. I highly recommend doing some research for yourself to learn as much as you can. 


Our mission at AceApe is to provide you with products that we know have been tested to be safe, are high quality, and are legitimately non-psychoactive CBD, derived from industrial hemp. From AceApe to our customers, family, and friends, please know the origin of the product you use - and stay away from synthetics.

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