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What forms does CBD come in?

You’re likely aware that CBD (extracted from hemp) is closely related to THC (from marijuana). Does this mean that they’re consumed the same way?
Well, not necessarily. There’s a plethora of ways to take CBD, and many ways that are very similar to intaking THC, but today’s market for CBD is definitely more versatile. Here are just a few forms you can take CBD (whose descriptions will probably leave you more curious than ever):

Tinctures (Dropper Bottles)

Man dropper tincture medicine sublingual
We’re probably all familiar with these little dropper bottles, officially known as tinctures. These are by far the most popular form of CBD. This product is made from CBD oil that’s CO2-extracted from industrial hemp plants. The liquid gives you all the benefits of CBD without having to be smoked and is often combined with other oils to alter the consistency and even the taste. Bottles normally come with built-in droppers that make it incredibly easy to change the dosage. Through these droppers, CBD oil from tinctures is normally taken orally, underneath the tongue, but it can also be mixed in with food or drink.

Oils and Pastes

oil bottle and hemp cannabis leaves
CBD pastes are some of the purest and most concentrated forms of CBD (and, often, one of the more expensive). Pastes are taken orally, also beneath the tongue, but can also be used in cooking. CBD oils are very similar to pastes, so much so that some are given in a “paste” form which ends up being about the same in its versatility. CBD oil often takes the popular form of sprays that come in little bottles, making oral ingestion that much quicker and simpler.


capsules pill bottle tablets medicine cbd
CBD capsules are CBD in a pill form. These are super convenient if you’re on the go since they can be taken quickly (just like any pill) at any time of day. If you’re looking to take advantages of CBD but don’t have the time to carry out any of these other processes, the quick and easy capsule option may be the CBD form for you.

Vape Oils

man smoking vaping
We all know what vapes are, but think of nicotine before we think of CBD. CBD vape oils are a concentrated dose of the CBD oils we’ve already talked about. Taking CBD through vape offers all of the benefits of CBD as well as any benefits you otherwise enjoy from a vape (like relaxation or helping quit smoking).


Brownies chocolate
The word “edible” and THC are practically married—when the word “edible” is mentioned these days, it’s almost automatically associated with marijuana. Did you know, however, that edibles can also be made with CBD? CBD edibles are also meant to deliver the effects and benefits we’ve talked about: non-drowsy relaxation and pain relief, all without the high of THC. Just as with the other edibles, the effect with CBD edibles tends to be much longer-lasting and much stronger—and this means longer-lasting pain and stress relief, and more of it.


Rectal vaginal suppository
Ack! WHERE? The idea of suppositories isn’t the most appealing to everyone, but they shouldn’t be dismissed altogether, either. Our rectal membranes are actually more sensitive and better at receiving CBD than anywhere else in the body. This means that suppositories can give you a much stronger effect for the same amount of product—some say it’s the most effective way to take CBD. Suppositories can even be used vaginally as well!


woman using body cream lotion hands
Chances are you’ve already heard of marijuana ointments and all of their benefits. CBD ointments are very similar in concept. Of course, these ointments are meant to deliver all of the benefits of CBD, which just happen to be perfect for the application across your skin. CBD is a natural pain-reliever, and CBD ointment is normally effective in relieving pain on-site within 1-48 hours of application (depending highly on severity of pain). While CBD ointment is normally used for pain-relief, it can also deliver anxiety relief, give you an energy boost, and support all the other benefits of the extract.


isolate powder
Wait, what’s that? CBD isolates are CBD in its absolute purest form possible. They’re normally sold as a powder or crystals and give you absolute control over dosage size. These are incredibly versatile, largely due to the fact that they’re odorless and tasteless. So, with full control over dosage and freedom to combine wherever you’d like, isolates are the perfect opportunity to get creative with your CBD intake.


CBD concentrates are high-potency extracts directly from the hemp plant itself. These extracts contain high amounts of CBD, which help you take higher dosages more quickly, and essentially give you “more for less.” Concentrates minimize the amount you need to take to get a full effect, and can be ingested through vapes.


cbd cannabis wax dab
CBD dabs are just like regular dabs (but with CBD, of course) and are great for day-time use. They can be dabbed normally but can also be dropped into any hot beverage and ingested that way—your morning cup of Joe can become your morning anxiety and pain reliever, more than just figuratively. CBD wax also makes it very easy to control dosage. It should be noted that, while most CBD products are generally safe for everyone, wax shouldn’t be used by children.


cbd cannabis shatter
CBD shatter is just like regular shatter (hard and brittle oil-like compounds) but, again, with CBD as its only active ingredient. Shatter will give you a higher dose than regular oils and is generally less messy. It can be taken through vapes, pipes, or by dabbing.


cbd crumble
CBD crumble is also a type of wax and has to be dabbed. Crumble offers instant pain relief for when you can’t wait for the effect to kick in, but like wax it is not suitable for children.

Beauty Products

soap bath salts candles perfume oils
Perhaps you’ve seen the THC beauty product market, and if you have, note that the CBD beauty market is just as diverse (and more accessible). Some of the most popular products in this category include:
  • Sleeping Masks
    • These offer the detox that everyone is looking for, but also the natural CBD relaxation and anxiety relief. CBD is also great at helping give you smoother skin.
  • Lotions
    • Very similar to ointments, CBD lotions are going to offer pain relief and anxiety relief, while also offering you smoother skin as mentioned with the sleeping masks.
  • Mascara
    • Interestingly enough, CBD mascara thickens lashes naturally and adheres better than other products. It’s also completely vegan, which makes it great for everyone!
  • Lip Balm
    • Normally, lip balm is pretty straight forward…but imagine a lip balm that not only keeps your lips from getting dry, but also makes you feel better, gives you more energy, let’s you sleep better…is our point getting across? CBD lip balm!
  • Bath Salts
    • Take all of the CBD effects we’ve mentioned over and over again and now imagine being completely submerged in them, just soaking in stress-relief, pain-relief, nausea-relief, etc.
From edibles to lip balm, it’s amazing to see the enormous diversity that CBD products offer. Chances are you’ve seen something that fits your lifestyle and schedule perfectly, and if not, chances are that the product is out there for you anyway—like we said, these are only a few of the options, but the CBD market is growing and expanding every day.
Whether it’s pain relief or smooth skin, there’s almost certainly a CBD product to fit your needs. And seeing as CBD is all natural with loads of proven health benefits, why not take advantage of the opportunity today?

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