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What Does CBD Feel Like?

You’re here, so you’ve probably at least heard of hemp, CBD, and that they’re related to marijuana and THC. Almost everyone knows that THC gets you high with a feeling of bliss or even drowsiness, so the natural question to ask is: Does CBD feel like THC? Do you get high in a similar way?

The short answer: no.

The longer answer:

It’s important to know that, while THC and CBD are very closely related, they have very different properties and effects. For one, THC is known to be able to trigger panic attacks—or “bad trips.” It does this by triggering a “fight or flight” reaction in your brain. CBD, on the other hand, actually has the opposite effect. CBD counteracts these anxious feelings and brings you down to a more secure bliss. Read on for a more in-depth explanation of what CBD makes you feel and what it helps you with.


Reduced Nausea

Nausea can be brought on by many, many things, as we’re all aware. Whether it’s too much physical activity, driving by a garbage dump, or simply treating yourself to a little too much pizza on cheat day, this uncomfortable feeling can be easily triggered and can have sometimes serious consequences. Intense nausea can make it almost impossible to eat, and if it’s prolonged this can lead to weight loss at an unhealthy rate, which in turn can lead to more nausea…and the dangerous cycle continues.

But what exactly causes nausea? The sensation is caused when too much serotonin is released into your gastric system. Amazingly, CBD actually reduces these levels of released serotonin, and effectively controls and even takes nausea away. This is good news for anyone that gets nauseous easily, and great news for people with health disorders that induce extreme nausea. CBD is often used with these patients to allow them to actually eat without the food coming back up, which is incredibly important.


Pain Relief

Your body actually manages pain naturally. Whether it’s from an injury, soreness from the gym, or from a tough day at work (though for some of us this last one can be imagined), an endocannabinoid called anandamide (AEA) produced naturally in your body helps reduce and manage this pain.

Sometimes, this management isn’t enough and the pain shoots through and leaves us feeling miserable. CBD naturally elevates AEA levels in your body, which helps your body better manage pain in a completely natural way.


Anxiety Relief

Your brain works thanks to all of the little brain neurons firing off electric signals at each other. These electric signals get all of the neurons working together to get you to do everything you do, every single moment of every single day. If this sounds like a lot of work to you, you’re right! It’s a very complex and delicate system, so naturally, it can be overloaded. When these neurons get over-excited and there’s too much going on, you feel anxious. Anxiety is your body’s way of telling you that your brain is working too hard. That’s why anxiety can be brought on by worrying too much about something, or by taking on too many tasks and having to constantly think about all of them, etc.

CBD actually calms these neurons down. The same way someone sitting down with you and talking out what you have on your mind can slowly bring your anxiety down, CBD “sits down and talks” with your neurons, making sure they aren’t all stressed out, which in turn makes sure you aren’t stressed out. CBD is a completely natural remedy for anxiety, and is reported to work even when no other treatments do.


Depression Treatment

We all have a “reward system” in our brain. Whenever you eat something tasty, feel accomplished after a workout, get complimented for your makeup, pass a class, etc., your brain shoots you a signal saying, “This feels good, let’s keep doing this forever.” That signal is your reward system, and it’s what motivates you to keep going every day. Even when some part of your brain is telling you that it doesn’t want to, the reward system is telling you “remember how we feel after you’ve done it!”

People that have depression have a suppressed reward system. They don’t get (or at least, get less of) that signal telling them “Yes! We like this!”

Luckily, CBD has been reported to actually bring color back into the lives of people with a suppressed reward system. CBD can bargain with your brain and remind it of all of the joys of life—in short, CBD has been proven to elevate moods and, in some cases, treat and reduce depression.



Ditch the energy drink and morning coffee! CBD can help your body naturally find more energy in your normal daily intake. It does this by helping your body more efficiently distribute the nutrients it receives, naturally maximizing the energy you get from the food you already eat. Additionally, since this is simply a better distribution of nutrients and not a chemical that actually “boosts” your energy, this won’t make it harder to sleep or concentrate—it’ll just make you less tired, which, at some point, we all need.

This effect can be further enhanced since (as we’ve already mentioned) CBD reduces anxiety, pain and nausea—the usual culprits for a bad night’s sleep. CBD will naturally help you sleep better, which will serve as yet another way to boost your energy in a completely healthy way.



As you might have picked up, we’ve listed plenty of ways that CBD makes you “feel better” without necessarily “making you feel” anything, and that’s the point. CBD doesn’t get you high, it doesn’t pump you full of energy, and it doesn’t actually induce any kind of “feeling.” Instead, CBD is about what you don’t feel. You don’t feel nausea. You don’t feel pain. You don’t feel anxiety. You don’t feel depression. You don’t feel tired. You do feel like yourself, without all of the things that bring you down.

CBD is sort of like mom’s hugs, or grandma’s cookies, or a good song—no matter what’s wrong, it just makes you feel better.

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