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Picking the Right CBD Vape Juice

Choosing Your CBD Vape Liquid You’ve researched all your options for taking CBD, and you’ve decided (or maybe you’re just considering) vaping—great! It’s a very effective way to get your CBD dosage on the go, and takes you even further into relaxation with deep breathing and many rich flavor options. That said, there are a few things that you need to consider when choosing your Vape Liquid. Keep in mind that although CBD has a long and prominent history for its many benefits, it’s still pretty new in the modern industry. And vaping is even newer. This means that standard regulations aren’t yet in place on a national scale, so the quality of your product is ultimately up to the...

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Testing Hemp and Cannabis Products

Lab Testing of Hemp and Cannabis Products Most people want to know what they’re putting into their bodies before they actually do it. Whether that means reading all the nutrition facts on your favorite snacks or checking to see what’s in your medicine, this sort of research tends to play—though sometimes unconsciously—a role in our everyday lives. Understandably, the same need to know what you’re consuming is true with hemp and cannabis products. Not only because it’s the standard for ALL things consumable, but particularly because of their more controversial nature, this is precisely why hemp and cannabis products go through rigorous lab testing. It’s crucial to better inform consumers about the strength and composition of these substances with the...

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How CBD can affect Anxiety

With the rising popularity of (and increasing medical interest in) CBD, it’s likely that you’ve heard about CBD as an effective pain and nausea relief treatment—these are certainly some of its most popular perks. However, CBD offers an even wider variety of benefits, ranging anywhere from better sleep to anxiety relief. Its effectiveness with anxiety relief is precisely what we’ll be talking about in this article. Before understanding how CBD treats anxiety, however, we first need to understand:   What really is anxiety? Your brain is a complex system of neurons that fire electrical signals at each other and work together to control everything you do, from walking and talking to creating the voice in your head that you’re hearing...

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What forms does CBD come in?

You’re likely aware that CBD (extracted from hemp) is closely related to THC (from marijuana). Does this mean that they’re consumed the same way? Well, not necessarily. There’s a plethora of ways to take CBD, and many ways that are very similar to intaking THC, but today’s market for CBD is definitely more versatile. Here are just a few forms you can take CBD (whose descriptions will probably leave you more curious than ever):   Tinctures (Dropper Bottles) We’re probably all familiar with these little dropper bottles, officially known as tinctures. These are by far the most popular form of CBD. This product is made from CBD oil that’s CO2-extracted from industrial hemp plants. The liquid gives you all the...

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