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AceApe, LLC

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What is AceApe?

AceApe was started as an avenue for introducing the incredible potential of Cannabidiol products to more people that could benefit from it nationwide. As an online marketplace, we care about one thing only: Providing the highest quality legitimate CBD products, in the largest range, to people across the USA. Because CBD is legal in all 50 States, we are passionate about getting this amazing, natural chemical out in the open and giving every opportunity to those that may not yet know about CBD, or others that need a reliable source to go back to, time and again, for their favorite products.


Who is AceApe?

Let's be honest - AceApe is not a company that's been around for generations, with decades, or hundreds of years under our belt, and we won't claim to be what we aren't, not until we've actually gotten there! We do promise one thing to you though, and that's to be nothing but dedicated to finding the most effective products for all of our customers, keeping the products that we wouldn't use personally OFF our shelves.

The AceApe Marketplace was founded by Brittany LaCombe. A lifelong resident of the state of North Carolina, Brittany stumbled across CBD in the middle of one of many frustrated, frenzied searches for a natural product that could help not only with various physical maladies including pain and stomach upsets, but mental ills and stresses as well. Medical Marijuana was a constant conclusion found, but marijuana is still a controversial topic hotly debated over, whether it's used for medical benefit or recreational enjoyment, across the United States.

And so Brittany found Cannabidiol when, after landing on 'marijuana' at the conclusion of one of those many searches - the straightforward notion to simply find similar 'non-drug' options became her new mode of attack. Raised on the NC DARE program, Marijuana is, fully, a Schedule I drug meant to be completely abstained from, completely illegal, and completely dangerous (!). There are plenty of research topics that can argue otherwise on this topic regardless of the legality of the plant, but non mind-altering, State-Legal marijuana alternatives were what she set her sights on, and CBD is what was provided in return.

Discovering that the use of CBD products, herself, had improved many various characteristics of her wellbeing (including anxiety and panic attacks, low energy, lack of focus, cramps, and an easily irritable stomach), Brittany has been passionate about making it readily available to others nationwide, and hasn't looked back since. The only direction AceApe is going now is Worldwide.




A Message from the Owner :

Brittany LaCombe, AceApe LLC Founder/CEOI'm very glad to meet you, and hope that in your search for better health, CBD is able to do even more for you than it has for me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making AceApe your go-to provider for these amazing products, and I am dedicated to continuing our reliable delivery of the best quality for you and your family!