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CBD Abinoid Face Serum 1oz/100mg AceApe CBD Dispensary
CBD Abinoid Face Serum 1oz/100mg

Abinoid Face Serum 1oz/100mg

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Use Abinoid Botanicals' luscious Face Serum for a healthy, radiant glow. 

Enhanced by hemp oil and blue chamomile, this CBD face serum moisturizes and protects the skin naturally. Over 20 plant extracts are formulated into this blend, each of which contains nutrients essential for your skin, including vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fatty acids. While these ingredients are extremely beneficial on their own, when combined together, they work in harmony to create a beautifully strong end product that your skin will adore and appreciate.

This CBD face serum is expertly mixed by hand with all natural ingredients, each specially selected for their importance in both the modern and ancient eras. It's a lightweight, oil-based serum that will absorb deeply into your skin and nourish it, bringing out your natural radiance, no matter your age. This serum is lovingly formulated to benefit all skin types.


How to Use Abinoid Botanicals' CBD Face Serum:

The Abinoid Botanicals Face Serum may be used once or twice daily. It's packaged in an easy-to-use treatment pump, for accurate and clean dispensing anywhere, anytime. Simply pump 1-2 drops onto your fingers, rub them together, and then apply to your face and neck, massaging until the serum is evenly blended. We recommend using this rejuvenating product after you've prepped your skin with Abinoid Botanicals' gentle Cleanser and Toner.